Siu Siu's guide to the perfect char siu pork

Easily the most well-loved meat amongst the repotoire of Chinese meats, char siu pork has become a symbol of comfort food within Chinese culture. The name Char Siu translates to 'fork roasted', which refers to the original method of preperation in which the meat is placed on a elongated fork and roasted over an open fire that caramelises the sugars found in the marinade.Characterised by its sticky, crimson finish, Char Siu is found in Hong Kong's many Siu Mei shops- restaurants serving a selection of roasted meats. 


Good Char Siu should always use the best pork, choose either a collar or belly cut depending on your preference of fat to meat ratio. The core ingredients of the famous Char Siu marinade includes Chinese bean paste, hoisin, honey and Chinese five spice for a balance between savoury and sweet flavours. The pork should be marinaded for a few hours only to withold the freshness of the pork. Roast it hot and fast to keep the meat tender and juicy and glaze it with maltose syrup to achieve the classic Char Siu finish. 


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