In the kitchen with: Head Chef Michael

We’ve headed over to the Sushi Kamon counter for a lesson on how to make the perfect Nigiri with head chef and omakase master, Michael.

Rice is the most crucial ingredient in sushi and the basis on which nigiri is built. The rice needs to be prepared with the right vinegar mix for just enough stickiness to hold its shape. A skill learnt over years, Michael then assembles his nigiri with the ideal ratio of rice to fish for a balance for flavours, for example, less rice is used for thicker pieces of fish. When forming the nigiri, Michael uses a technique that creates air pockets inside of the rice for a melt in the mouth texture.

Add a dab of wasabi to finish; each fish has a different flavour so requires a varying amount of wasabi. Finally, one brush of zuke soy is added to darker fish like salmon or tuna, and nikiri soy to white fish such as sea bass.

Watch michael in the Nigiri making with our omakase experience, featuring a new menu.