How to: make the perfect Negroni

As Italy's most famous cocktail, the refreshing and bitter Negroni is formed by a simple recipe.Today we've headed over to the bar to learn how to perfect this longstanding classic with Bar Manager Diego Lenzoni. 

​The Negroni is made of Equal parts of gin, campari and red vermouth- at Arcade we use Cocchi. Stirred in a mixing glass with ice, it is served classically, poured over fresh ice and garnished with a slice of fresh orange and an olive. For a softer version, try our Sbagliato Negroni. Translating to 'mistaken' in Italian, the Sbagliato was the accidental creation of a bartender who mistakingly swapped gin for prosecco when making a Negroni. The Sbagliato is a sparkling and fruiter rendition of the classic Negroni. As the ultimate apéritif, the Negroni is perfect alongside a small bite or two. Diego's choice is a plate of iberico Jamón sliced up at Provisions late, followed by Sushi Kamon's Maki Rolls.

In celebration of Negroni week, all our Negronis will be available for £7.50 until 18 September; grab a seat at the Provisions Late counter and discover your new favourite.