How to make: Banana Old Fashioned

Exclusive for London Cocktail week, Arcade Battersea Bar Manager Tom shares his recipe for a twist on a timeless classic. Read on for a full guide on how to make the Banana Old Fashioned at home. 



40ml Jack Daniels Bonded

10ml Cointreau

10ml Monin Yellow Banana Syrup. 

3 dash orange Bitters

Garnish: Banana Chip



  • Place all ingredients into a mixing glass and combine
  • Fill with ice and stir with a bar spoon for 30 seconds
  • Fill a glass with ice, pour drink over
  • Finish with a dried banana chip



If you'd rather spend more time drinking and less time making, you can find out Banana Old Fashioned at both Arcade Battersea and Tottenham Court Road during Happy Hour only between 12-22 October. 

Arcade Battersea:

Thursday + Saturday: 18.00-20.00  

Arcade Tottenham Court Road: 

Monday - Friday: 16.00-18.00