Tipan Tapan's guide to MO:MO

MO:MO are a type of steamed dumpling found in all street stalls and restaurants across Nepal.  Tipan Tapan’s MO:MO are made from scratch and by hand using Nepali flour (maida). The dough is made the day before and left to rest, while at the same time the marinated mincemeat is left to deepen and intensify overnight. Fillings include minced chicken thigh with chopped spring onions, spices and butter or, a mix of shiitake mushrooms with sweet hispy cabbage, ginger and garlic for the vegetarian MO:MO.

The following morning the dough is rolled out, the fillings are spooned in and the MO:MO are carefully hand pinched to create their delicate shape. The MO:MO are served with a ‘jhol achar’ (soy bean and hog plum) and a chilli oil that Head Chef Arjun and his team makes slowly over the course of several hours using dutch red chilli, crushed chilli flakes and gochugaru red pepper powder.



The latest edition to the menu, the Chilli MO:MO are tossed with peppers and onions in a sweet, spicy and tangy sauce made with dried whole chilli, timmur and chilli oil and garnished with coriander and roasted sesame seeds.

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