Paitan Ramen

For two weeks only, perch and slurp a bowl of hearty Japanese ramen at Sushi Kamon’s counter.

Our latest limited edition pop-up Paitan Ramen (meaning ‘white soup’), will bring five-hour chicken ramen to Arcade from March 21-1 April. Built on a head-to-toe concept inspired by cult favourite ramen spot Kagari in Ginza, the rich chicken broth uses the whole chicken and is boiled to produce a milky white Paitan broth.

A lighter alternative to traditional ramen, chicken ramen is becoming an increasingly popular new style in Tokyo. As Japan’s go-to post drinking meal, ramen spots, both casual and luxury alike are bustling into the early hours of the morning, offering walk-ins only for bowls of the good stuff.

Forming the base of three variations of chicken ramen is a corn-fed chicken broth with mussel and kombu stock, and British wheat noodles. As in Japan, the ramen is served very hot; slurping is customary.

The classic Chicken Paitan is topped with tender slow-cooked chicken breast chashu, crispy chicken skin, fresh seasonal vegetables and  chicken and spring onion oil. For a modern twist, the Truffle and Parmesan comes with gratings of fresh black truffle, parmesan cheese and an obligatory jammy soy marinated boiled egg. Whilst the Shibikara Spicy lends to a current trend in Japan of using Sichuan peppercorn. Here, the ramen is topped with shredded chicken breast and a homemade shibikara and chicken oil for a tingly, mouth numbing sensation. 



Chicken Paitan Ramen

Slow-cooked chicken breast chashu, crispy chicken skin, seasonal vegetables, chicken + spring onion oil


Truffle + Parmesan  

Slow-cooked chicken breast chashu, nitamago (soy marinated boiled egg), parmesan cheese, fresh black truffle, chive, crispy chicken skin,

truffle + chicken oil.


Shibikara Spicy 

Thin noodles topped with shredded chicken breast, bean sprouts, leek, sesame, crispy chicken skin, coriander, homemade numbing Shibikara (sichuan peppercorn) oil + chicken oil


Available on Tuesday-Saturday, 11.30 and 15:00, and 17:00 and 20:30. 

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