NYE at Plaza Khao Gaeng

Bring in the new year with a 3-course Southern Thai feasting menu (£49pp) at Plaza Khao Gaeng. Upholding the legendary hospitality of Thai people, Plaza is built on the premise of sharing. Plaza invites you to gather your friends and family to share in celebration this New Year's Eve. The line up includes a seabass chuu chee, served in a traditional Thai fish chafing dish, finished with cashew nuts and makrut lime. Quails roasted in a firework display of red, green and long pepper and turmeric and Plaza classics of miang of coconut & cashew, morning glory and coconut pudding with lychee. See below for the full menu: 

New Year’s Eve Feasting Menu

£48 per guest

Miang Phuket

Miang of coconut and cashew with single estate palm sugar


Nam Chup Khai Jiew Cha Om

Shrimp paste relish, cha om omelette squares, fresh vegetables


Gaeng Nok Krata Prik Thai Sam Chanid

Quails, roasted coconut & pink pepper


Chuu Chee Pla Phak Tai

Whole seabass, cashew nuts & makrut lime


Pak Bung Fai Daeng

Stir fried morning glory, chillies, fermented soy beans


Khai Dow

Fried egg


Khao Hom Mali Mai

New season jasmine rice


Pudding Maprao Ohn

Young coconut pudding with tapioca pearls and lychee


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