Michelle's and Sam's guide to the perfect taco

Known as antojitos ('little cravings'), tacos are Mexico's answer to streetside snacks. In search of the answer to what makes the perfect taco, we spoke to founders of 'London's best tacos' Michelle Salazar de la Rochaand Sam Napier who gave us their secrets to nailing these anytime snacks. 

Good Tortillas. "It's what carries the taco; whether its a corn or corn or flour tortilla, it needs to be fresh and warm". Mexa uses corn tortillas; a southern Mexican favourite, to lay the foundations for their toppings. Onto the assembly. A fatty cut of meat is loaded on top. Marinated, grilled, braised or spit roasted, then finely sliced to soak up the flavours. Mexa's menu boasts suadero (confit brisket) and carnitas (confit pork). A fresh 'jardin' (garnish) of sharp veg is crucial, typically in the form of onion, coriander, pico de gallo salsa. Finish it off with a spicy, tangy salsa like salsa verde and a squeeze of lime for good measure. 

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