Michael's essential guide to Christmas

With the big day fast approaching, we spoke to man of the Sushi Kamon counter, Michael Nonato for his essential guide to Christmas: 


What to roast on the big day: “We keep it traditional with roast turkey and beef, seasoned simply and finished off with butter, garlic and rosemary along with all the trimmings. The Philippines also has its own festive traditions. Lechon (traditional slow roasted pig), spring rolls, Pancit (vermicelli noodles, carrots, beans and shredded chicken)”.


Filipino Christmas traditions: “Christmas is huge in the Philippines. There’s a competition between houses to see which one has the brightest Christmas lights. There’s an annual carnival, we dance, sing, drink and celebrate for 3 days. Every household lets off fireworks and we feast on traditional foods like Biko (sticky glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk) and Leche Flan”.


What to drink on Christmas: “In the Philippines we drink Alphonso, a famous brand of brandy back home or Ginebra, a very strong gin”.


How to beat a hangover: “I always make a pot of Bulalo, a Filipino soup with beef, oxtail, potato, pak choi and sweetcorn- it works a treat every time.”