Manna Travel Guide

Manna, derived from 'manna from heaven', meaning 'bread of heaven', is inspired by diner culture and regional fast food joints in the States. Every dish on the menu from Bake Street’s Feroz Gajia is created to be the best and most luscious version of itself, from hot jalapeño popper fried chicken with fresh jalapeno-infused honey to smash burgers with melting cheese in steamed brioche buns. Manna is your expectation of childhood favourites, but without the dissapointment. 

The Hot Jalapeño Popper Fried Chicken is a two-day marinade and fry process. It is fried to order to get it extra crispy. Fresh jalapeños are infused into wild flower honey to give it body. Lining the burger is jalapeño cream cheese to give the satisfaction of eating a jalapeno popper and pickled jalapeños cut through the richness of the honey and cream cheese. It’s a lot of simple things done well. 

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