A Guide To Tipan Tapan

Named after the variety of small starter plates eaten before a main meal in Nepal, Tipan Tapan brings a taste of fiery Nepalese street food to Arcade. In Nepali households, tipan tapans are traditionally designed to be shared amongst friends and family over cold beer, wine and cocktails. Plates are heartily filled with traditional tipan tapans like momo, achars and choila.

Chef-founder Arjun recalls that as children, they would guess which tipan tapan they were going to get, describing them as ‘delicious surprises’.

The menu includes handmade MO:MO, generously filled with 24-hour marinated chicken thigh or shiitake mushrooms with sweet crispy hispy cabbage and served with house made chilli oil; Bouddha Crispy Pork Noodles coated in soy chilli sauce and topped with fried pork keema, peanuts and naturally fermented daikon; and golden Squid Tareko served with a roasted tomato and cashew dip. 

Visit @tipantapan to view the full menu. 

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