A guide to: the perfect cookie

In line with national baking week, we're with the powerhouse behind Provisions bakery to chat all things cookies.

It starts with the dough. Unlike other recipes, Aisté makes her dough with melted butter, this reduces the amount of air in the dough; the secret to a richer, less dense cookie. A mix of brown and white sugar is the perfect combination; brown sugar gives the cookie it's chewiness and flavour, whilst white sugar adds crispiness. Onto the chocolate. Aisté uses large dark chocolate pistoles with a low melting temperature for the ultimate gooiness. Aisté lets her dough chill over night to allow the dough to fully absorb all the liquid and develop its flavour.

The cookie is then baked at a high temperature so it sets but retains a soft, slightly underbaked centre. A sprinkle of Maldon sea salt finishes it off; balances the flavours and adds a crunch. Aisté favourite is a chunky cookie with a melting centre to be enjoyed alongside a glass of milk.

Head to Arcade Provisions to try your perfect cookie.