A Guide To Plaza Khao Gaeng

Born of part-time Bangkok-resident Luke Farrell's deep love of Southern Thai food, Plaza Khao Gaeng lovingly recreates the flavours of Southern Thailand’s neighbourhood khao gaengs.
Khao gaeng broadly means ‘curry over rice’ and refers to local street stalls and cafes in Thailand that specialise in this popular meal.

Khao gaeng restaurants fill the space around them the more popular they become. Plaza is inspired by one such place that has taken over an old movie theatre in Bangkok. Curries set out in gleaming trays fill the entrance under the faded façade and up the stairs to the box office. This anytime comfort food provides pause in a place cool and quiet from the bustle of the street below. It is in this spirit Plaza Khao Gaeng fills the mezzanine at Arcade Food Hall.

The menu includes Gaeng Som Talay, a sour orange seafood curry with an immediate lime juice acid hit and length from tamarind and puckering garcinia; Khua Kling Muu, dry fried pork shoulder, fizzy with lard and hit with a chilli-thick paste from Phattalung; and Gaeng Massaman Neua, a beef shoulder curry made with freshly cracked coconut cream.

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