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ABC Bar, located by the main entrance of Arcade Battersea, is a love letter to classic cocktail culture, taking inspiration from modern speakeasies, martini bars and heritage American café drinks. 

 ABC Bar takes its name from a pocket size cocktail book, ‘the American Bar Cocktail book’, one of the first cocktail books many bartenders learn the ‘ABC’ of cocktails.

The menu is a concise offering of the worlds most famous cocktails, made to be enjoyed from brunch to evening. The bar uses freshly pressed ingredients, no homemade preparations, best in class spirits and champions the craft & rituals of producing cocktails.

There's no need to book ahead, simply visit Arcade and pull up a stool at the bar or order from the bar's menu direct-to-table when you visit. 

If you're interested in event bookings at Arcade Battersea enquire here

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