Sundays at Arcade

After the runaway success of our Bottomless Lunch menu over Pride weekend, it's coming back every Sunday with a roster of live acts. 

Every Sunday we’ll serve up a choice of unlimited mimosas, Camden Hells, wine (red, white or rosé) or Prosecco with a feast of Arcade signature dishes such as Tipan Tapan's MO:MO's, Manna's Smash Burger and Hero's Masala Tots and live DJ's for £35


Choose from
Camden Hells
Wine (red, white or rose)

Choose from
Tipan Tapan Chicken MO:MO
Tipan Tapan Vegetable MO:MO (vegan)
Hero Chicken Samosa
Hero Vegetable Samosas (vegan)

Signature Dishes
Choose from
Manna Smash Burger
Sushi Kamon Avocado Roll (vegetarian)
Shatta & Toum Falafel Wrap (vegan)
Bebek! Bebek! Ayam Penyet Smashed Chicken

Choose from
Hero Masala Tots (vegan)
Manna Waffle Fries (vegetarian)
Bebek! Bebek! Urap Sayur (vegan)
Shatta & Toum Fattoush (vegan) 

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