Michael Nonato's top Omakase picks

After a month-long hiatus, our omakase experience has returned to the Sushi Kamon counter. Omakase, meaning 'I'll leave it to you' was a traditional phrase used throughout Japan when pulling up a stool at the sushi counter as many sushi restaurants didn’t have menus. Over time, this evolved into a modern counter experience whereby a the chef prepares a bespoke menu in front of guests, talking through each course as it's served.

To mark the occasion, we sat down with our very own Sushi Master, Michael Nonato who talked us through his top selects from his monthly changing menu:


"The salt cured seabass with baby cucumber holds a special place in my heart as it’s a mix of my Filipino heritage and love for Japanese cuisine. The Filipino twist comes from the yuzu kushu dressing. Its a mix of citrusy, nutty and smokey flavours from the pink peppercorn and freshness from the coriander. It's the ideal refreshing dish for a hot Summer's day."

"The tuna tatare with black truffle is simple but packs a punch. We use the fatty part of bluefin tuna marinated in zuke soy and fresh black truffle shavings. The tuna holds an intense flavour resulting from the aging process whilst the truffle adds earthiness which pairs well with the umami flavour of the tuna."

"The Uni Nigiri, some people aren't too keen but I love the rich and creamy flavours. We salt cure the sea urchin and serve it with wasabi in either a sashimi or temaki style".


Limited to 10 seats per sitting, book HERE to try these dishes and more.